Monday, September 29, 2008


Sorry I forgot to post on Friday, but nothing exciting is going on....really!! I've been busy crocheting and trying to catch up on projects. Luckily my To-Do list has been getting smaller....but soon I will be adding Christmas Gifts to the list!! Oh boy!! Can you believe how fast it is coming???

Today is my little sister's birthday, so if you are reading this Linda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you enjoy the present I sent!

The new doggie is getting along just fine in our house. He has made sleeping an artform!! But he does still manage to follow me everywhere I go! He now has a bed in our room, the living room, and the computer room! LOL!! Lucky dog! One of these days I need to figure out how to download videos from my camera! I want to tape him "helping" me make the bed each morning. It's HILARIOUS!

OK, so I guess you would like to see some type of picture with this post, huh?? Here is one from yesterday. We went up to the local ski resort and rode the lift up the mountain. They call it Color Sunday because it is the best time to see all the leaves that changed color. Unfortunately they only change to gold here in the mountains....I do miss all the other colors I got back in western PA. Oh well! Have a great day everyone!

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Cora said...

Love the color of the leaves...I miss the other colors, too. At least you still get some change. :) We are still hot (85-95 degrees) and green.