Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama in Grand Junction!!

OK, I am NOT about to go all political on you, but I had to share this bit of information. It seems that presidential candidate Barack Obama will be speaking in my little town of Grand Junction today! Pretty cool, huh??

Now, I will NOT mention if I support this candidate or not. But I will NOT be going to listen to him...just too many people for me, LOL!! I'm such a homebody! And truthfully, if it were not for my husband, I probably would still care less about politics. But HE likes to listen to talk radio a lot and discuss politics, so I am bound to learn a little bit!

What I find really cool is the location he choose to speak at! Cross Orchards is a historic farm here in Grand Junction. Heather and I usually visit at least once a year. It's a really cool place. I think her class will even be going on a field trip there next month.

I believe he is coming here because we are in the middle of oil drilling fields! Plus, I think they consider Colorado to be a swing state. I may listen to his speech while I clean the house today...but we'll see. Now, I wonder if McCain will visit us too??

Boy, Grand Junction is really getting bigger than it was when I moved here almost 12 years ago!

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Shannon said...

No, McCain won't come here...he spoke in Golden with Sarah Palin on the same day Obama was here.

Hmmm...can't figure out by your post if you're an Obama supporter or not. Maybe I don't want to know ;-)