Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Martha Contest!

Have you all heard about the Martha Stewart Blog contest???
I have been a HUGE fan of Miss Martha for a VERY long time now! I remember seeing her on the Oprah show when she first started out!! I have learned so much from her over the years, with the most recent being that I overcook my cabbage for stuffed cabbage!! LOL!!
It's wonderful now that my little girl is in school....I get to watch Martha almost everyday now!! Whoo hooo!!
I also have a ton of her recipes with a few of them being used regularly!

Since I live in an area with some of the BEST peaches in the world, you can bet that her Cup O' Cobbler recipie is used a few times a year!! I don't make it in individual cups though....I usually just throw it all in a 9x11 pan!
Another one that gets used a few times a year is her Cranberry Glazed Turkey recipe! Again, I've had to make some changes to suit my family....such being that no one in my house likes cranberries but me!!! But I still follow the recipe by basting the turkey in wine and butter!! YUMMMMY!!!
OK, now I'm hungry! LOL!!

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