Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Post #2 - Cedar Point!

Boy, did we have a blast at Cedar Point! We had reservations and got to stay in their Campers Village! It was so cool to be able to walk to everything!! The beach, the park, the water park! We got to come back to the RV if we needed a break....or to come back and make lunch. I highly recommend it!! And the best perk of all was that everyone staying on park property got to enter the park an hour earlier than the public and each day they would open a few special rides just for us!
So what's the first thing we do??? Take Heather on her first roller coaster of course! The Iron Dragon! It's one of those types of coasters where you sit in the little cars under the track! We actually made her ride it once both days, and on the second day I had her ride it in the front seat with me!! I told her to pretend that we were riding on Cassie's back (from Dragontales) LOL!!! She did great and didn't complain too much. So we purchased her a tee shirt to commemorate the event!

We didn't get to ride too many of the big rollercoasters because Heather was just an inch too short. But the park did have this great program where one adult waits in line and gets to ride the ride, then when they get off that parent gives the workers a card and the second parent gets to go up the exit ramp and ride the next round. We did that a few times.

Heather's two favorite rides were the kiddie bumber cars and the mini-gemini rollercoaster! Daddy said that the little rollercoaster banged him up worse than any of the BIG ones that he got to ride! That's them in the front seat...daddy in the yellow.

I've got a ton more pictures, but I think you get the gist of the day! She had tons of fun in the children's areas riding all those silly little rides, but she had a BLAST!

Now, the Soak City is a different story! Can you say FUN for my little fishy!! Even though she was still to small to ride the big slides, they did have a ton for the little ones to do including this little slide into a kiddie pool! I didn't get many picures here since I was too wet and having too much fun, but you can check out the link! Be sure to look at the Splash Zone! It was super cool!!!! I even ran through it a few times, LOL!! The waterpark did have one of those HUGE family innertube slides that is like 7 stories high! Well, that was H's favorite! And we rode it 7 TIMES!!! I can't believe I climed that many stairs! LOL!!

OK, enough for now! Have a great day everyone!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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