Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am officially EXHAUSTED!!

It has been a long weekend here...and it's not even Sunday yet!! LOL!!

My weekend began yesterday with the Grand Opening of the Riverside Parkway her in Grand Junction. For a road that really doesn't "go" anywhere, they sure made a big hoopla over it! You can read more about it here.

Well, since I knew it was going to be crowded, Heather and I rode our bikes down to it. Wasn't really that far...probably about 3 miles each way. They had shuttle/bus rides on the new street, a classic car show, clowns, lots of cream...cookies! The Botanical Gardens were free so we looked around in there, Heather jumped to her hearts content on the bump-n-jump, and basically we just enjoyed the morning. Then we headed back home, which included a BIG uphill section on our bike!! I am happy to say that we did pedal up it the whole way with only one stop!!

Then while we were lounging around the house in the afternoon, my neighbor brought me over yet another grocery bag full of plums from her tree!! So, I made plum pie!! LOL!! I found a really good plum pie recipe here. It was easy to make, especially since I had a frozen pie crust in the freezer!! And I did read all the comments and followed one ladies suggestion of microwaving the filling for a few minutes. If you like rhubarb pie...or a good mix of sweet and sour...this is an excellent pie recipe!!

Then, to finish off our Friday and the Grand Opening celebration, Heather and I headed to our local ice skating rink for a free hour of skating!! OK, now I used to rollerskate every weekend when I was a kid. And I am currently not too bad at rollerblading and have been teaching Heather how to blade, but I have only been on ice skates once!! And that was about 20 years ago!!! Heather was trilled to be ice skating for the first time. I actually did very well....only fell once while trying to help Heather. She did do good too!! By the end of the hour she managed to make it across the narrow end of the rink once all by herself!! I was so proud of her!! And she only broke down in tears once!! LOL!!

Then Friday night the family took a nice leisurely stroll down Main Street. I love looking in all the windows!! But needless to say, when I laid my head down last night, I immediately fell asleep! LOL!!

OK, so this morning I get up and hubby tells me to pick the plums off my side of the neighbors tree!! Now what!?!?!? I was on the search for another plum recipe!! LOL!! I found this one for Plum Bread. Again I read the comments and ended up reducing the oil to 1/2 cup. It was WONDERFUL!! Next time I think I will just make it in a 11x13 pan and eat it like a cake! LOL!! And it looks like it will work with peaches....yum!! Looks like I may be heading to the Palisade Peach Festival tomorrow, LOL!!

Whew!! And just when I think I am done, my OTHER neighbor stops by and gives me 2 cucumbers, three jalapenos, and three green peppers from his garden!! Now what!?!?!?! I decide that for my walk tonight my neighbor and I would head to the grocery store. I pick up more supplies and come home to make salsa!! YUM!! I haven't made it in years!! So all night tonight I have been chopping...and chopping...and chopping! My back is now killing me from bending over my slightly too short counter tops, my hands are burning from all the onions and peppers, and I'm even too tired to try my salsa! LMAO!! It will have to wait until lunch tomorrow!

So now, as I type this, it is already past my bedtime and I am exhausted!! I think once my head hits the pillow again, I will be out like a light! I wonder what will happen tomorrow as we prepare for the first day of Kindergarten on Monday???? And I'll probably be dreaming of all the wonderful fresh fruits and veggies to come!!! Peaches.....apples.....

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