Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Meet Spot!

Have I ever introduced you to my internet buddy, Spot? He is an African Ciclid and lives in a large fish tank right next to me when I am on the computer. He is a very MEAN fish, is about 5 years old, and is bigger than my hand!!! He likes to play tricks on me and tries to splash me when I sit at the computer for too long, LOL! He has one buddy, the black sucker fish....sorry, we never gave him a name, LOL!! But Spot sure does like to nibble on him at times. Poor littl guy (he's 6" long!).

Now, once a week I have to buy Spot a dozen little "feeder fish" for him to eat. Well, about a month ago the lady at the pet store gave me waaaay more than a dozen! Ever since then, Spot won't eat the fish! (I know, totally disgusting!) He has had these same 10 fish floating around the tank for a month! He still wants fed and will eat all the fish food I give him, but not the fish. I wonder if he is sick? Hmmm....

OK, so now I introduced you to Spot. Anyone else have any strange pets?

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Shannon said...

Hellooooo! I don't think I ever visited your blog before!

We don't have any strange pets, just a stinky old dog (my husband's). He lives outside exclusively because I'm allergic to everything with hair/fur. He's a blue heeler...named...Blue. Creative, huh?

Wish I could take that gun class- too $$$ spendy for me.