Friday, July 11, 2008

CyberShower Time!

Well, it's time again for another fun baby shower! This one is for Candace of!

We were asked to tell a little about our little one's birth stories and I thought I'd share with all of you something that NO ONE EVER told me would/could happen when you give birth! Sooooooo......

WARNING: Giving birth may cause you to threw up!heather.jpg picture by cirka2002

Yes, I was NERVOUS! But no one ever told me that I could
be so nervous that I could threw up! TWICE!!!

We got to the hospital about one am and were told to walk
around since my water had not broken yet. So we head over to the nursery to see all the tiny little babies. I look at them through the window and start feeling....ummm...nervous. "I'm really going to have to do this, huh?" Next thing I know.....PUKE!! All over the window and floor! Boy, was I glad it was late and there was no one else there but us! (Me, Ron, and our doula-Leslie)

OK, feeling better now...back to walking! About 2:30 am, I am too tired to walk anymore. I go lay down...and of course, the minute I do my water breaks! Woah! Time for a second wind! LOL!

I now head off to the hot tub! YAY! This should be wonderful! Well, the hot water made me puke again! At least this time we were able to find something for me to puke in!

So, after a short soak, it was back to the room and Heather arrived at 4:30 am. A screaming little girl with ....for some odd reason...a bunch of dark hair! It was smooth sailing after that!



Shannon said...

Yeah...I puked every time. Fun stuff.

Mama Luxe said...

Puking aside, sounds like a great birth! Funny the stuff they don't tell ya, huh?

Happy Panda said...

Ewww I puked too with my 3rd. It wasn't pleasant. Thanks for playing along!