Friday, July 18, 2008

Clean up time!

So, I've been very nice and have been taking both my daughter and our neighbor to Vacation Bible School for the last two weeks. Since I take the neighbor, Kathryn, in the mornings, I then have to keep her the rest of the day until her parents come home. Since today is the last day I'll have her, I decided that it was time for them to clean up the playroom. Looks like they have a lot to do, huh???

Wonder how long it will take them?? Any guesses? Well, we they've already been at it for over half an hour!

Looks like we are in for a loooooooooooooong afternoon!


Octamom said...

I have definitely seen our playroom in this state or worse--and it does take a LONG time to get it back to some state of picked up--it would probably take a shorter amount of time should every 2 minutes of 5 not be devoted to whining about picking up!

Cute photo--

Happy Panda said...

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