Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day in My Life!

I've been having so much fun reading about some of my bloggy crochet friends (and people I admire) that I decided to let you all have a peek at one of my days. Thanks to these great people for sharing their days with us!

Ellen - Go Crochet
Crochet by Faye
Brett Bara

OK, so are you ready for mine? Just remember, this was our first "official" day of summer vacation with nothing to do. Plus we are trying to drive the car less now that gas is at $4 a gallon!

My Monday as a SAHM, crochet designer, and online boutique manager

6am~dh's alarm goes off I'm happy that I don't have to get up this early anymore! But he is not feeling well, so I offer to "get him something" to help him feel better. He declines....I go back to sleepp.

7am~Finally get out of bed. Put on a pot of coffee and head down to the computer. My fish, Spot, is right next to me, so I decide to feed him. Have I ever told you that this guy is bigger than my HAND!!!!

7:15~Heather wakes up. Make her hot chocolate while she watches PBS cartoon. Pour myself a cup of coffee and back to the computer I go.

7:45~Heather decides to go outside...pj's and all...to play on her new swingset that was just completed the day before. I'm still on the computer.

7:50~She comes back in because it is still a little chilly outside, LOL!! She asks me to help her set up Playhouse Disney on daddy's computer so she can play while I work on mine.

8am~I start working on my grocery list. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER! I am searching the internet for sales and coupons. Writing my menu for the week and organizing my list.

9am~Finished list and it's time to feed the kiddo. I make beds and decide that I should wash my sheets.

9:10~Jump in the shower.

9:30~Call my "partner in crime" but she doesn't answer. Decide to check emails again, remind dd to get dressed, unload and load the dishwasher, clean all the old leftovers out of the fridge, and take out the trash.

9:45~WOW! Can't believe all that only took 15 minutes!! So I finally sit down to eat something. Cottage cheese and a banana. Have I told you we don't have any food in the house??

10am~Off to the grocery store. We decide to walk since it is only a few minutes away. DD decides she wants to ride in the wagon on the way there, but I make her walk home. I can't believe we fit all those groceries in the wagon!

11:45~Home, put groceries away.

12pm~Finally get to talk to Trevor on the phone. We discuss life and busniess. I make lunch while talking.

12:15~We have peanutbutter and Jelly sandwitches with raisins for lunch. I read the paper and check emails while eating.

12:30~I finally get to sit down and watch cartoons with dd and pick up my current crochet project....a cami for Trevor. Finished it!

1:15~Play a game of Wii bowling with dd. I win...170 to 155!

1:30~Sit on my new porch swing and start a new crochet project while watching dd play on her new swingset.

2pm~Popsicle break!

2:10~Neighbor kids look over the fence and see the new swingset. They say "Hey Heather, would you like us to come over and play?" LMAO!

3pm~Start work on the new Yarn Can Make This newsletter for YouCanMakeThis.com while kids play on the swingset. Prepare a new free pattern for the newsletter and contact a fellow crochet artist to ask for permission to use part of something she has written in the newsletter.

4pm~Starting to get a headache, LOL!! Take some tylenol and get snacks for me and the kids.

4:30~Watch cartoons with dd while crocheting.

5pm~Just got an idea for a design from the cartoons! Grab my sketchbook and get to work drawing it up!

5:30~dh home from work...time to make dinner. Leftovers! YUCK! Have dinner and clean up kitchen.

6pm~Family time. Watch some tv, check emails, crochet a little.

8pm~Time to put Heather to bed. Brush teeth and make sure she goes potty. Read two stories....The Chocolate Wolf and 9 Fruits Alive. Snuggle for a few minutes and then she falls asleep.

8:30~Feed the cat, set the coffee pot for the morning. Watch tv and crochet.

9pm~Dh comes up and we watch the Denver Murder Show, aka the Denver news. Get tired so I go check emails one last time.

9:45~Off to bed!


Jus Shar Designs said...

I'm exhausted now.

Ummm, I didn't see my name, but I'm sure that was simply an oversight. LOL

Hugs to you!

Jus Shar Designs said...

I'm exhausted now.

Ummm, I didn't see my name, but I'm sure that was simply an oversight. LOL

Hugs to you!