Monday, January 07, 2008

Double the fun!

A new adventure is starting in our household. Today I have started watching the neighbor girl, Kathryn, while her parents work. I felt so bad for her having to go to daycare every felt bad for the parents and the amount of $$ they were forking I figured I could use a little extra cash and watch her a few days a week. Luckily she is 5 and Heather's best friend, so they get along great together. Just the occasional argument over what to play first, LOL!!

Our fist day went well. Heather had dance this morning and then we ran a bunch of errands. Then home for lunch. And guess what??? I made them both sit down and watch a movie and now they are both fast asleep!! LOL!! Not too bad! But I do think I need to make up a household schedule to keep us all in line.

Good news is.....think of how much creating I can get done while they occupy each other!! Whoooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

That is the best part,,,,when there is more than one, and they have someone other than you to lay with...I love it one is going on 4 and the other just turned 2, but they lay so well together, that I can actually get so much done.