Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas Babies!!

I admit it!! I've got it!! Baby fever has struck!! LOL!!

I've been working on some Christmas themed baby hats for my charity group, Lil Troopers, and am having so much fun!! Probably because Christmas babies are so near and dear to my heart!! Heather was actually due Christmas Eve, but decided to make her appearance on the 18th. But there is just something to be said about making those tiny little baby hats in Red, White, and Green!!!

Some of them are just too cute for me not to share! So I've listed some over at My Pink Zebra. Watch for more to come later next week once I get some good pictures!! But right now you have your choice of the Candy Cane Swirl Hat, The Christmas Elf, and this sweet Holiday Stripes Hat! And just because, I have listed a custom baby blanket!! The one in the pictures is actually one that I made for Heather before she was born!! We loved it so much that I thought my wonderful customers might too!!

And the best part about all this baby fever???? Today I get to go and visit a dear friend and snuggle her one week old little girl!!! YAY!!! Now I won't have that "urge" to have one myself! LMAO!! I'm actually starting to enjoy my sleep.


Wendy said...

my Little man was due on January 3 and decided to come on December 17th.....It was sad though that he had a first christmas only a week old, but boy was it fun the following year.He will be 2 this year.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Beautiful work. You are so talented and it is wonderful that you share that talent with the world.