Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, anyone else want to exchange links?? I'll be updating my list this afternoon.

I have a headcold....ick!! So it looks like I will be heading to WalMart soon for a kleenex run! Oh...and some NyQuil/DayQuil! And while I'm at it, I should pick up some more yarn, LOL!!

My pattern progress.....wrapping up a pattern today. Just need to draw out the schematics, attach some lables, and send it off in the mail!! Whoo hooo!! I plan on mailing it tomorrow since I don't think I'll catch the mailman today. But then I get to start another one for a different magazine! I already have the pattern written out, but they want me to use a different yarn. So I need to see if the yarn will work up to the same guage. HOPE SO!! If not, I basically have to re-write the whole thing!!! Oh...and they wanted a few minor changes biggie! The deadline for this one is November 5th....wish me luck!

Ok....gotta go find where I left my box of kleenex!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Chic Girl said...

Oh, do take care. Sleep, vitamin C, etc. Get better soon!