Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Dance!!

Anyone want to join me in a Happy Dance????? I just got my second design accepted for another crochet magazine!! Now I will be published in two different magazines next year!! And all before June! LOL!!! I'm so excited! What else does 2008 hold for me and Jaybird Designs???

Oh....and this does make me feel a little better about my Leisure Arts booklet being put on hold.

And yes, I did finally manage to get that second scarf done! Wonder if I'll have time to whip up another one before my contract gets here???


Aelita04 said...

Congrats to you of course I will dance with you. Hey what about that Pink, white and red top you did a while back? Will that pattern be for sale? I've seen you work and you make very beautiful things no wonder your patterns get published.

Jaybird Designs said...

Thanks sweetie. Let's just say that the sweater you are talking about is going to be in one of the three things mentioned in my post. The not-so-happy one.