Friday, July 20, 2007

A camping we will go!

The family is heading out to Ouray, Colorado today for a weekend camping trip! YAY!! This should be so much fun.......But I have so much to do this morning before we leave!!

Heather and I will be heading up this afternoon. We need to rent a campsite and pick up the Jeep we will be renting. And I think we'll also hit the hot springs pool! Then first thing tomorrow morning we are heading up into the mountains! This will be Heather's first time in a jeep and going over a mountain pass!! I'm so excited to take her! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

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Robyn said...

Have fun camping!! I'm sure HEather will have a wonderful time in the Jeep.

Hey, my email broke and I lost all my addresses. I'd like to stay in touch...if you want. Can you email me so I have your address? thanks!