Friday, May 25, 2007

The set that was not meant to be

Ok....So I am guesting with Boutique Bijou next week and had some free time since I finished my patterns earlier than expected. I figured I would whip up another set for their launch...something I have been wanting to make for a while now. No problem....right???


First, I finish the top only to find a tear in the eyelet! GRRR!!! Ok...fix that problem. Off to roll the hems (BTW, I just figured out how to do this! This was only my second time!) That goes ok. Not really pleased with the results though......maybe you shouldn't roll eyelet??? hmmmm..... OK, so back to putting the serger to it's original settings and POP! A piece of it falls of and breaks in half! OH NO!! Guess this set was not meant to be, LOL!!

Oh yeah......and when I went to take a picture for all of you my camera has decided to turn off the flash and I can't get it back on!! I really need a new one!! This one is definately on it's last mile!

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