Monday, February 26, 2007

TAG!! You're it!

SOme friends of mine who have other blogs (which I need to figure out how to post links to on here! LOL!) are playing a game called
MY FAVORITE! You need to post a picture of your favorite creation. I was taged by Sandi, aka Portabellopixie. So here it is, My Favorite!

Asian Princess!! I loved how this turned out! The unique crossover sweater was one of my first designs without using a pattern. I just loved the whole look of it. And to top it off, I think the pictures are just DARLING!! My daughter Heather, who was 2.5 at the time, had just broken her arm and was in a partial cast. LOL! Just look at those cute little piggytails!! And the added bonus??? This set sold for $100!! My highest sale ever! LOL!! now it is my turn to tag someone, but I don't know who??? If you'd like to be tagged leave me a comment and I will "TAG" you!!

OH...and BTW, you may soon be able to crochet this sweater yourself!!

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